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Remove the background from any image for free

#3 Product of the WeekNovember 12, 2019
Trace automatically removes the background from any photo. Upload image, count to 5, download image. And it's 100% free.
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Hey everyone 👋 I am really proud to share Trace with you today. We started using it in-house and saved our design team over 100 hours already. Using Trace requires no design experience. Upload your image and the technology automatically removes the background. It takes less than 10 seconds. We want to help you make your awesome photos more awesome. Not everyone is a designer, but everyone wants to make beautiful things. Trace cuts out the subject (like your prized pet) so it can be used in all kinds of different projects. The tool is completely free so try it and let us know what you think!
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@ac132 awesome product and awesome explainer video!
Just tried in a number of different images , it works great .. no need for tweaking , very fast & effective. Good job!
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@bernardamus thanks so much for your feedback!
I've tried) It works good!
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@kotokur_dev awesome! Thanks for trying 🙂
@kotokur_dev That's the ultimate test I guess:)
Has anyone compared it to ? Is it better?
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@baidoct it works well for products and people but Smart Pix is better generally:
@robmoore what tends to be better about Smart Pix? Just better cutouts around complex areas? Genuinely curious for the sake of quality. 🕺
@baidoct I used prior, but I definitely prefer Trace. It's faster, and you get a more hi-res image in return.
@baidoct @robmoore tried Floom's smart-pix and it simply gave me two FAILED errors on both photos I tried. Trace handled both these photos perfectly. I'm used to painstakingly removing backgrounds with Photoshop and the results Trace gave were as good if not better than I could have done in a fraction of the time. Based on my results today, I will use Trace from here on. Smart Pix didn't even try to remove the bg from my photos. Great job Trace team!
@baidoct @patrick_villella smart-pix was temporarily down from the traffic, sorry about that, all images that failed have been reprocessed :)
This is such an awesome example of "SEO project marketing" (shoutout @harrydry) and I'm sure it'll drive loads of new customers to Sticker Mule. I was a big fan of when it came out - good to see deep learning models being democratized and making their way into real world products! I'm curious if you could give any detail on the model you're using - are you using UNet and what dataset did you use? Here's an open source implementation of background removal using UNet if anyone is interested: Congratulations on the launch! :)
@alxcnwy Yep - A really great side project. Especially since you have to create an account to be able to use it haha!
@harrydry @alxcnwy thanks so much for the kind words and feedback!