No more hateful content on the internet!

Toxnic analyzes content on social media platforms and uses machine learning to block out toxic posts and comments.
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Awesomeness! Good luck on the launch..!
Good launch!
How is your tool determining what is actually toxic? It's all subjective, isn't it? Lots of constructive criticism gets filtered as toxic by the reader just because they personally can't handle it.
@lenni_leem Hey Lenni, I am a hunter only. If you have any question regarding this product contact the maker
@lenni_leem Good question. I am using a standard toxic content classification data set created by folks at Google. Moreover, after some manual analysis, the plugin mostly blocks out content that is insulting, obscene and very toxic. There is a link of the data set on the extension page - you can go there to have a look at the toxic sentences yourself. Please feel free to ask any other questions.
It looks very promising, good luck!
Is this just work for English ?
@aecceyhan Right now - yes. If there is enough community interest for another language, I will work on adding that.