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@rrhoover They've been around before GitHub released its client. I've been using Tower for almost 3 years. It's way advanced in terms of functionality compared to Github client. Yet simple enough to setup and start pushing commits :) Rebase/Stash/Multiple Remote repos/etc all incorporated in Tower. I also think that Tower has a better commit-history browser. If you finding yourself using CLI with Github client, I would recommend you to have a look at Tower.
I've used GitHub's Mac client in the past. Is this a major improvement, @nikitakorotaev (or anyone else)?
I've been using Tower for almost 3 years now. I never tried GitHub's client because I was already using this one. ;) This actually speaks to an interesting topic: it's hard to get users to switch to a new product. http://jobstobedone.org/news/bet...
Same story here; been using it for 3+ years, before GitHub had an app. Tried switching, couldn't do my whole workflow, happily returned to Tower & never looked back.
Ok, I'm sold. Downloading now. :)