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Julian here from Tower. Thanks for submitting Tower 2 :) Let me know if you have any questions.
@pointnova Thanks Julian, you've done a great job, integration of Git Flow is particularly appreciated ;)
@Facens that's great to hear! Thanks Andrea :)
@pointnova awesome :). Downloading now, I'll try it out today. I use sourcetree everyday now. But I'll give this a shot.
@mscccc awesome! Let us know what you think. Feedback is always welcome :)
Playing with it now. So far I think this looks really good. On boarding is easy. Diff/merge tool setup was easier than sourcetree. The working copy view is really nice. UI seems to have everything I need while staying simple. One thing that bugs me a little bit. It's a little slow when switching branches. Could probably make it feel faster by having the new branch highlight immediately, rather than once the commit view is loaded. Otherwise, I'm impressed & will keep playing with it.
@mscccc thank you for your feedback Mike! :)
@pointnova The only thing it's missing that I use a lot. Interactive rebasing. Otherwise, thumbs up!
Upgraded this morning. Great job @pointnove & team! Really nice improvement in the UX with drag to PUSH/MERGE. Auto-stashing is a super feature! Yet to setup a Git-flow, but like that button over there :)
@nikitakorotaev great to hear you like it Nikita! :)
It's great to see that so many of the feature requests I've made (or thought about making) over the years for Tower have made it into this release. Have only spent the morning with it, but I'm happy so far. Good work guys!
@jerryhjones thank you Jerry! And thank you for taking the time to send us your feedback & feature requests! :)
It has to be asked, but what is the main difference with Sourcetree or Gitx-dev ?
@Copypastaa (disclaimer: I'm part of the Tower team) - I think most people that chose Tower over Sourcetree or Gitx prefer our approach in regard to user interface, workflows and usability. We offer service accounts integration (github, beanstalk, bitbucket, etc.), a visual conflict wizard, auto-fetching (in the background) and very thought-out workflows in general. Tower goes a long way to make using Git as easy and comfortable as possible. Plus, we also aim to make it look and feel as native as possible on OS X :) Feel free to download our trial and give it a go. This 1 min video gives you a little overview: