Smart oven and companion meal delivery service

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Hello Hunters! I'm David - Co-Founder of Tovala. With the backing of Y Combinator, we've built a smart oven & companion meal delivery service to make it easier for people to eat better. It's incredibly easy to use... 1 - Order your meals delivered fresh to your door (e.g. mushroom, spinach & cheese-stuff chicken with roasted asparagus drizzled with lemon pesto) 2 - Scan the meal with the barcode reader on the smart oven 3 - Enjoy the aromas as the smart oven automatically cooks your meal to perfection 4 - Bon appetit. And don't worry about clean-up. The aluminum pans are fully recyclable. If you want to experiment with your own recipes, the smart oven also works independent of our meal service and is fully controllable from a smart phone. Cheers, David
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@daviderabie Cool is there a social aspect to this? Because that got me thinking...
@tribaling There is indeed! People can create their own recipes and upload them to our website. Should they become popular enough online, we'll then produce them in our kitchens, distribute them across the country with your brand and pay out royalties!
@daviderabie I see! I am not a chef, but this is a really exciting aspect of your service. Really cool!
@daviderabie Congrats on the launch! Looking forward to watching you and your team progress.
@daviderabie Welcome to Product Hunt. I've heard great things about you from a bunch of people at Booth (I'm in the college).
As someone who hates to spend time cooking or preparing meals (I'd rather dedicate the time to something else), I love the concept, although each meal still seems a little pricey at up to $15/each. How important is pricing as a factor of your business, @brwilcox and @daviderabie? Do you expect to decrease price significantly in the coming months? Maybe I'm unrealistic but if I could get an $8 meal that's filling enough, I'd use this every day.
Good questions, @rrhoover. Pricing is a big factor for the Tovala meal service. We have to make sure the unit economics work. At scale, fresh ingredient delivery services are already selling the vast majority of their meals for very close to $10. We hope to have less churn than these services, enabling us to ultimately price below them. We are very aware of the need for people to access quality food at affordable prices and are working hard to make options available in the $8-$10 range.
@brwilcox @rrhoover Hm do you guys have a subscription service? I guess with tons of subscribers you could drive the costs down
@tribaling Yes, there is a companion subscription service for the meals.
@brwilcox @rrhoover The pricing here is key. I'm a big fan of Sun Basket and similar fresh ingredient delivery services, @ ~$10/meal. While you trump these services in convenience, the additional $5/meal + $300+ upfront cost is a significant barrier for new users. Perhaps subsidizing the cost for the oven itself for users who subscribe to your delivery program would attract more users? As someone who has past experience cooking, you can outfit the average American's kitchen w/ quality cooking equipment for less than $300: lodge cast iron, quality chefs knife + paring knife, etc... Love the concept and would love to test it out! Looking forward to seeing how your pricing model evolves. Congrats!
LOVED the beef wellington :p But not sure that this would replace any of the current things I use to be honest.
Had the opportunity to try a meal during Tovala's prototyping phase and really enjoyed it! All of the components of the meal were very nicely prepared. Excited to see the real machine out in the world. Congrats meeting your Kickstarter goal so quickly!
@pbuggs Yes me too - tried a couple meals and they were delicious - loved that you could prepare several meals at once. Very helpful to have around the office.
Would be a major time-saver for our family. We tested some great meals from Tovala that even my kids loved. I appreciate that it still functions as a regular toaster oven, which we use often anyway.