Sell digital goods by credit card, Paypal, and more

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Tim Gouw
Tim GouwHunter@punttim · Co-founder at Go Weekly
Toucan wants to make it ridiculous simple to sell your (digital) products to your customers. It supports payments by Creditcard, Paypal, Sofort, bancontact and iDeal. Last three are European payment methods, since people here are more into debit cards. I love the focus on design and UX by @eelcojellema. Definitely gonna give it a try!
Darren J Smith
Darren J Smith@darrenux · Founder,
Nice work @eelcojellema - so I'm using Gumroad to temporarily sell my digital product. What makes using Toucan better than Gumroad?.. I guess price is the first thing, along with extra payment options?..
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · || and much more
@darrenux Thanks Darren, appreciated! Yes, on most of the web Credit card is the only payment option. In Europe there are quite a big amount of different payment options—I believe most of the "tech people" forget about this. As a seller of great content/products you'll loose customers/revenue when they can use with their desired payment option. With Toucan, I'm hoping to change this. Giving you tools to sell to a broader audience.
eelcoMaker@eelcojellema · || and much more
Thanks Tim for the hunt! This will be one of many products yet to the come from my small "web studio". It's all very early stage. Built the basic in 5 weeks (from front to the back). The idea for Toucan started after talking to several people who wanted to sell their creations, but wanted more options than just Credit card. Germany uses Sofort banking, Belgium has Bancontact and iDeal is popular in my homecountry, The Netherlands. This should all be wrapped in a nice and customizable page. We got also the complicated VAT rules covered. I'm here to hear your thoughts, comments, critique, fix bugs and answering any question. :)