TotmTravl 3in1 Dock for Apple Watch

A Dock, à Power Bank & a TRIGGER for home automation.

Thanks to its Built-in Battery Totm+Travl provide up to ONE week of charge to Apple Watch

Totm+Travl is also a trigger for home automation scenario.

HomeKit or IFTTT scenario are triggered whenever the Apple Watch is Plugged, Unplugged or reach 100% of charged (thanks to its built-in Bluetooth chip).

Aymeric @padawanlab
Grégory Proux
Brockway Steven
 +2 reviews
  • Pros: 

    Mainly, the idea with ifttt & Homekit integration, but also the french wood,. that makes a useful AND nice product !


    Available sooner !!

    I found thousand products that can refill my apple watch battery, but none of these were smart as this one.

    Don't remember if they said something about the battery, but i guess i'll be able to charge my iPhone too !

    Brockway Steven has never used this product.
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