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Hello, Hugo from here! Ask me anything! Glad you like our community project! We are a community of volunteers and we need some help :-) Your feedback is greatly appreciated! You can also contribute with some code at thanks!
@hugoroyd didn't know about the browser add-on until today. great addition to the service as a subtile reminder. any plans for starting to support more shopping sites like amazon? I run a marketplace that recommends retailers and using your API would be a great addition.
@noinput yes, Amazon will get a Class soon; for our API: please see and
@noinput @hugoroyd the immediate plans are to write more code to efficiently manage contributions and ease their way onto the website. Once this is done, websites like Amazon will have no problems getting enough reviews.
This is brilliant!
This is powerful. A great way to utilize crowdsourcing. I really like that each rating is linked to the original discussion.
Love it! ToS have become a wall of text that people rarely read. Getting the summarized points in "non-legal" jargon is super helpful. How do you see this maturing? Should all ToS be class A? Are there types of services that should have certain items in their ToS? One recent experience in negotiating a master service agreement (similar to ToS, I would assume) for my company and a vendor. Having no legal background, I struggle to understand the implications that each point has. Even broader though, it seems to be about risk and value. What are you willing to give up for the value being provided (dollars for us)? The more you can shed clarity the better informed decisions we can make!
Great branding name, not sure of where it was coined but TL;DR is something many of us know from the Internet (notably Reddit); now ToS;DR we'll know was coined on ProductHunt first :D