Torrent Detective

Stop losing money on piracy, secure your online content

Torrent Detective is a new solution aiming to protect publishers’ content. For now we’re focusing on books and music. The solution is perfect for self-publishing authors or indie composers, but actually we have huge publishing firms using or solution too. We have a special deal for Product Hunters, so make your click ;)

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Torrent Detective help publishers to protect their online content. Right now we’re focusing on books and music, so from self publishing actors and indie composers to big publisher firms, this is a great solution to protect your releases! We search torrent sites and closed Facebook groups for your releases and help to remove them from such platforms, thus saving you a lot of money that you’d lose on piracy. We have a special deal going on for Product Hunters, so go on and visit
Can I use this product for my online courses? I found some of my videos that teach people how to program all over bittorrent sites.
@kensavage Of course you can use it for that. We will monitor torrent sites for your content. Or if you find it somewhere else, we will remove it from Google Search Results. Right now we're focusing on books and music but you can actually use it for any kind of content.
@bshh @billsuxx This is very interesting idea. Wish you success with the product guys!
@csaba_kissi Many thanks for the support Csaba!
Seems promising. Interested in seeing how it does in the future 🚀 Great job!
@sebastiancrossa thanks so much Sebastian, really appreciate all of your feedback.
This is really good
@ihecci Thank you Ihecci!