Torre Signals

Build lists of people you'd like to work with, get notified

When you signal others, you'll be notified of any opportunities they share, and when colleagues (whom you've authorized) search for talent, they'll know who you signaled as someone to consider.

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This is really interesting. I'm going to play with it. Could be useful for investors (like me) that want to help match talent with opportunities in their portfolio.
@rrhoover That's one of the use cases, indeed. As an investor myself, I'm already using it to help the entrepreneurs I've invested in find talent. We still need to work on improving the sharing functionalities, but we're getting there.
Hello Product Hunt 👋. Thank you for your interest! All your feedback is not only appreciated but critical in our mission ❤️🚀 As a fellow entrepreneur, I've connected with and interviewed hundreds of potential candidates for my ventures - many of whom I'd love to keep in touch with. We built Torre Signals as part of our efforts to make the work of billions fulfilling, and we started by building tools to improve the way that talent gets matched with fulfilling professional opportunities. Please know that Torre Signals is currently available only for users with a, we're working on expanding the concept to other external users ASAP.
Great launch! Looks like a great way to make recruitment more authentic! Will give this a try and let you know of any feedback 👍
Great new feature and product! It's very useful to keep in touch with potential employees, collaborators, investors, and recruiters. In combination with Torre, I think Signals will be a game changer for the recruiting industry.
Cool! During the last 10 years, I've met a lot of interesting and talented people that I would like to work with. Signals will help me keep track of them.