Torre Rank

Have candidates ranked by A.I. using your matching criteria

⏰ Saves you time by pre-screening candidates and automatically ranking them for you.
📩 Integrate to your current sourcing and recruiting solutions (candidate sources and ATS).
👩‍💻 Optimized view of qualifications and experiences for faster reviewing.
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This is cool Alex, I'll take a look. Proud 🇨🇴
Hello again Product Hunt 👋. This year's first quarter I had the goal of hiring some new engineers for Torre, and thanks to my team's efforts I was lucky to have more than 400 applicants for the positions. While having to review 400+ résumés is an excellent problem to have, I thought we could do better. This is why we've built Torre Rank. A product that connects with your current sourcing and applicant tracking solutions to help you rank candidates and review them faster. ⏰ The premise: Less paper screening, more valuable interviewing. Think about doing to candidate reviewing what google did to searching for information — clean, fast, accurate. Please give it a try and, as always, your feedback is not only appreciated but critical in our mission. ❤️🚀