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Science-Art. Gain insights, then hang it up!

We created topic graphs over the last month to solve a problem for ourselves. Like Google Trends, ​it shows you the top issues being discussed from hundreds of news or scholarly articles in your topic of interest. Unlike Google Trends, ​it shows you data when ​you dig deeper. It also updates you only when a better article is published.

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Love it! Great job guys!
Thanks Jack! Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by! First things first, you can get a graph for any topic of interest. Let me know what topic and your email here: You'll get a link back shortly. As it says above, we created these to solve a problem for ourselves. It helps companies and pop-up teams work better together. For example, rather than just want to know more about big data, the manufacturer and pop-up team dug into how it improved predictive maintenance. More in the blog above. These have been created with force-directed graphs using the d3js library. There are a few graphs above you can check out. Do leave us comments and questions!
A couple of examples of requests that came in. SRAM (, private labeling ( You'll notice some graphs are denser than others. Denser graphs means heavier discussions on the topic!
Hey, i noticed biohacking link isn't working. It's missing the www. Try this.
Hey what happened to this project?