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#3 Product of the DayDecember 02, 2018

Top Products is a website which you can see the top products of a specific day.

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All this I can find on time travel page on Product Hunt
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For those unfamiliar, @nikolay_siabrenko is referring to this. But nothing wrong with doing something similar with your own take, @mert_batmazoglu!
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I like this in compared to product timetravel. The ability search by top products by year is very handy as well. As the page by page feature instead of having it dynamic makes it easier to remember where I left off when going through each year looking for products. I was wondering if top products has most of the products found on producthunt. thanks for making this tool it helps a lot
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@andrew_hollas3 Thank you for your comment.Top products has all the products which can be found in producthunt
Why do you have pictures stretched?
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Awesome work :-) I would love the screen shots instead of icons. i guess the same as the chrome extension but with search and look back.