Top Nine for Instagram 2018

Find and share your Best Nine Instagram moments of 2018

Top Nine for Instagram 2018 is an app to help you find and share your most liked photos and videos from the past year, no login required. Create a collage and share with your friends.

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Hi Product Hunt! It's that time of the year again! Every year, millions of Instagram users publish their Top Nine highlights of the year. This is a side project we launched at Beta Labs in December 2016, and that we improve every year. I can't believe that Instagram hasn't created a tool to rediscover your top nine Instagram moments this year. Top Nine goes viral every December, growing every day until the peak in new years eve (when normally our servers crash). After December, we don't really keep developing it. Last December stats: +1,300,000 new users on iOS + Android +300,000 new users in new years eve. Top 10 Charts in 6 countries Top Nine is just a side project, so please bear with us if you find some bugs. Side projects are not part of our core focus, but they help us try new things. In this case, it's helping us improve our monetization with ecommerce and AR. Thank you to all the Product Hunt community who supported and helped in every launch!! Look forward to hearing your thoughts, comments, and ideas for this year's version.
@kevinnatanzon Is there anything new in this version?
@amrith Hi Amrith! Besides updating everything for 2018, we added your Top Nine video on the app and implemented most of the feature requests and changes from 2017, like removing number of likes/post and editing your Top Nine!
@kevinnatanzon it’s really difficult to read this knowing your app and website doesn’t even work for most people. Please promote the wonders of your app after you’ve actually created one that’s functional for everybody. 🤷🏼‍♂️
@kevinnatanzon I have an iPhone X, public account with current iOS and current version of your app. Using both chrome and safari to use your website on my iMac doesn’t work either. Completely non-functional.
For some reason I'm getting the following response after I enter my Instagram username: We're currently unable to fetch this profile's public posts, please log in to Instagram on the next page The login is within a web view which I will never login to for security reasons. Is this a temporary bug, @kevinnatanzon?
@rrhoover This shouldn't be happening. Public posts don't require login. We have this login as a fallback mechanism. However, the weblogin should only be happening on safari, not a webview. Will report in a few minutes!!!
@rrhoover We're having issues with some accounts. Like yours 😟 Can you please retry 2 or 3 times on the web version? 😑 Rolling out an update!!
@kevinnatanzon still didn't work for me :(
@rrhoover We pushed a fix on the web version! It should work now. Fixing the apps now! Is there a kitty award for the most embarrassing PH launch? 😑😑😑😑😑😑
@kevinnatanzon haha, it's working! Here's mine:
Hey, I'm getting a 403 forbidden on your Privacy Policy page.
@layon_overwhale Sorry! Latest update made it hidden. Here it is:

How come a collage of my instagrams can't be made in the UK??


Nice-looking landing page


Not available in the UK

We enabled it for the UK now! Sorry about it, we need to redirect some of the traffic to the apps.
me too,think

Are you kidding me? Why isn't the website available in Canada!?


I have no idea.


Website says, "Unfortunately, the Top nine website is not available in Canada 🇨🇦"

Hi @shawnking ! From what I could see on the comments below, you were able to get your Top Nine. I think that's a big pro!