Top Alerting

The Most Advanced Financial Market Alert System

Topalerting is an alert system for the financial market. It consists of a set of algorithms that periodically checks the prices of financial instruments at predetermined intervals and calculates the indicators configured and sends an alert.
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If you've ever traded Forex, commodities, cryptocurrencies etc. and you like technical analysis, you'll like this tool! You know how to create some graphs with indicators that help your decisions to buy or sell... but if only you could set up a bot to alert you when some conditions were met, right? And that's what we are building! I was recently invited to be part of the Top Alerting team to work on the Beta platform and mobile app. Right now, we are releasing the Alpha version to get as much feedback as possible and build an improved interface on Beta. Feel free to drop us a message if you have any questions, comments or ideas! We want to make a great product to help you succeed trading on your preferred market ;-)
You've stayed hours in front of your screen waiting for the market to hit the indicators values before in order to make a decision? Top Alerting was developed to allow you to configure as many indicators as you want, creating your own rules and got get notified when the market hits the rules you set. We provide more than 200 indicators and more than 130 instruments with several timeframes. Help us improve this tool to make it easy for your daily trading routine!