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We have hand curated the best Slack groups online to help you discover the best communities and networks.
There are amazing resources, opportunities, jobs, articles and ideas being shared - and you should not miss out!
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$400 for access to the database of a little over 3,000 groups?? Am I missing something here? That seems way too high. I was expecting this to be a free list like found in other product hunt launches: How does your comparable list offer that much added value to justify charging?
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@kraftykyle Totally appreciate that feedback - It's mostly due to the fact that it's a lifetime of updates, which I plan to keep updated all the time. Right now I'm still fiddling with the pricing.
@kraftykyle @toby007allen so why are you teasing a price increase on the home page?
We have no idea how long Slack will be around and "lifetime" is too ambitious of a keyword for a service over which you don't have full control. (Plus it's too expensive)
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This seems super useful, but I wish there was a free way to preview the list before buying. Maybe you could consider offering 5 searches free, so people could see if the list includes what they are looking for.
@melissa_todisco There's a preview on the site - Should give you a taste of what's inside...
As an avid user of Slack, I've spent countless hours collecting & curating the list of the best slack groups out there. See, I love to learn and the best way to dive into a topic is to find a community, which allows you to ask questions, meet experts, learn in-depth skills from the best brains out there. Hopefully you will get as much value as I have out of this database & that you achieve your goals. I built this out of passion, with the idea that if it helps me, then it could help others out there too. I have other projects on Feel free to contact me or hit my up on twitter @tobyallen007 🙌
Nice idea but consider making it free. Otherwise it’ll end up being pirated in no time. Consider the popularity of free Awesome lists GitHub. Is this really any different?
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