TOP 101 Growth Hacks

The best growth hacking ideas that you can put into practice

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Dmitry Dragilev
Founder @
My good friend Aladdin Happy runs newsletter which grew to 17K+ subscribers through invite only in just 5 months, his subscribers include marketers at Microsoft, Salesforce, TechStars, Hubspot, Coca-Cola, Indiegogo, Disney, 500 startups, LinkedIn, Adobe. He spent these 5 months collecting the most effective growth hacks which actually worked for startups. He read books, blogs, articles, videos, podcasts, comments and compiled the best material into a newsletter. He decided to put the best collected growth hacks into a book + add a portion of exclusive growth hacks, never released on The list of TOP 101 growth hacks in the book is divided into AARRR+ sections: Before Product-Market Fit, Hustling, Copywriting, Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral.
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I love this stuff! I`ve subscribed to email newsletter from this guy and it`s cool! THANK YOU!!!!
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Silvio BompanMaker of Remoteur
Got it... and love it! Big ups to @happyaladdin
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