Advanced oral care solution in your shower

ToothShower is the world’s first complete oral care solution for the shower that does away with the need for flossing.

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4 Reviews3.8/5
I've heard that some people brush their teeth in the shower, and while understanding the logic, I still haven't converted. This device connected to the water source in your shower and includes all of the attachments would probbaly flip me for good. Also this gif is so true. I switched to a water pick one day when I finally had enough with cutting the circulation to my finger tips off by wrapping the floss around them, and then shoving them into my mouth repeatedly. The only downside, is that it's tough to keep the water from making a mess as it exits your mouth. Doing this in the shower makes perfect sense.
I use this daily! I had a waterpik and it died on me in a month. This gets all the unsightly plaque off my teeth & food (especially those pesky popcorn kernels) out of my gums. I wish this was around when I had braces years ago. Easy to use - highly recommend!
I'm also one of these "shower - toothbrusher" and this really looks great!



works in the shower so less mess


tubing rig not very asthetic

This was a great idea that was poorly executed. I was one of the original Indiegogo backers of this product. I have contacted the company to see what if anything they will do to replace or refund.




Nothing about this product works! Don't waste your time or money