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#3 Product of the DayMarch 13, 2015
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I like how you can search tools based on whether they're free or not and for what purpose you need them. Also, you can submit to be featured on Toolr, so I imagine some startups will jump at the opportunity. ;)
The "Search toolr" button doesn't really do what it says. It lets you browse, not search. And I do miss search here. I even clicked the "THE USEFUL, FREE STUFF." bar, because I thought it was a search field. ;)
@konradcaban Actually when you click on free / paid /etc, the categories fall down and you can click them. But if you want to search names, then the maker will be glad for the feedback.
@konradcaban agreed, search is a must
@konradcaban @joelle_writes will take this into account, thank you!
Thanks for featuring We do make traveling awesome! :)
How is possible to create such a product with Wix? Is there some dynamic content generation? I'm not very familiar with Wix so that's why I'm asking. Are all the Tools hardcoded into a Wix template? If that's the case I really admire the dedication and I believe that besides of being a wonderful curation of tools is also a very well executed MVP.
Tool looks dead at the moment, site goes no where