Chords, scales, and more

Tonality is a music theory reference tool for musicians of all skill levels. It provides detailed chord and scale information, powerful search tools, and the ability to identify chords from real instruments using your device's microphone.
Looks cool and went to try it but saw that it was paid. Would prefer to trial it before committing to purchasing it. Have tried some of these types of apps before and they weren't great so hesitant to pay for something without first messing around with it. The chord identifier from real instruments seems like a cool feature. Does it also work for singing or humming a chord?
Hi Michael, Thanks for the interest! I might switch over to a trial model, but the amount of backlash against in-app purchases to unlock functionality made me reluctant. What made other apps not so great in your opinion? That’s what led me to make this one, but another person’s input would be useful. The chord ID also works for singing or humming.
Feel free to suggest new features!
Looks very useful.