Strava for strength training and gym workouts

Tona is a new workout app built for gym users. We let our users plan and record any workout, track their progress and compete in the gym & with the world. We built Tona because competition and encouragement can boost your workout rate by up to 90%
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Hi there, I’m a product designer who had never built my own product, so with my two friends we decided to give it a go. As you can all probably guess it turned out to be a lot harder than expected! We built Tona because although staying motivated is fitness is hard work, friendly competition and encouragement can boost your workout rate by up to 90%. We’d already seen how apps like Strava could do this for running and cycling workouts, but we couldn’t find something that scratched the itch for competing in gym workouts, so we decided to have a go ourselves... What makes Tona different from other fitness apps; 🏋️‍♂️ Track workouts and compete in any gym in the world 💪 One of the largest exercise library available with 2,000 unique exercises and growing.. ✏️ Users can plan and record workouts for their clients, themselves or their friends, all for free. 🏆 1 million plus unique leaderboards allowing anyone to get to the top of the board. 🔥Track key metrics over time such as calories, load, heartrate, 1 Rep Max's and much more 🌎 Global community of fellow fitness fanatics encourages friendly competition and social proof to keep you exercising. --- As we mentioned this is our first solo product so we would love to hear your feedback and advice. 💪 Andrew and the Tona team ---
@aburtondesign I'm excited to try it out. Coming from years of use of Garmin watches with Strava, I'm looking for a good app to plan and execute strength training a few times a week to supplement running and cycling. Any plans to integrate with Garmin watch-fed data on the roadmap? One sensible feature that Garmin has consistently ignored over the years: Display current HR in real time on the app. This would be great for doing intervals (running or cycling) on a treadmill or spin-bike so that you don't have to look at the watch. Just a though, not sure if it's possible...
@john_mctavish Hi John, yes we are currently working on integrating Garmin (and others such as Suunto and Polar) now 💪 Although It is tricky to get the heart rate data from these devices to display on the phone live (and not after syncing post workout) we are certainly giving it a go. What we can definitely display live is heart rate data from LBE and ANT+ heart rate monitors, such as round the chest devices so expect that in the next few weeks.
@aburtondesign Looks awesome. Can't wait to try it out. Trying to sign up over the website right now using the "Continue with Facebook" Button on the Sign Up page and when click on it nothing happens.
@muloka Ah sorry to hear that! We are fixing it as we speak, thank you very much for the spot. In the meantime, email sign up seems to be working. As does sign up in the app. Apologies again
How do I delete my account?
@thatakke in the app head to Your Profile > Settings cog > Your details > Delete account
@aburtondesign So I can't delete on the web?
@thatakke ah sorry Akke that hasn't been released yet. I can delete it for you now if you send an email to
@thatakke It has been released now, head to your profile, then click the settings cog under your name to delete your account.
@aburtondesign Wow that was fast! Thanks! After signing up I realised it is not for me, congrats on the launch though! and the best of luck!

Great network to motivate you and your friends to workout more or more often. Easy to use, includes a huge list of exercises and workouts, and I can follow my stats over time.


Record any workout, Instagram like feed, motivates me, looks great, can work with wearables


Just keep building!

I love being able to pre-plan workouts on the web version when I get a spare five minutes at work!


I really like the repeat workout feature which allows me to copy my friends when I'm unsure on what to do in the gym!


I'd like to see more detailed performance stats on the web version, showing my progress over time and any achievements I rack up.

Very stylish dark interface. The best for hard workout!
@jenniferrrrrooo We agree Jennifer 💪