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Uber for long commutes. Door-to-door for $7.50

Seems pretty neat, and pricing is at approx. 1 Caltrain ticket, since they're targeting people with commutes > 25mi. They say prices are so low because you share your commute with someone on a similar route (they arrange the logistics of this). Seems very attractive on the surface of it. Would be very curious to hear from people with >25mi commutes to hear their thoughts.
Wow, this seems like its super timely and useful. I'm surprised there's not more interest in it, considering its the same price of a Caltrain ticket. Looks like all Tomo has to do is make sure that routes are optimized with some mapping algorithms. It feels like the key to making this work is to ensure guaranteed (subscription) revenue.
Like SuperShuttle for commuters. Like a Google Bus for the rest of us. Any rides yet?
This is awesome. I was just going to start commuting to SF from PA via Cal Train, but I think I'd spring a bit more for this. The tricky part is that the traffic could take longer on car rather than Cal Train and depending on the car, not as comfortable. Cal-Train beats this on price long term (unlimited monthly pass) but for one-off meetings, nights, weekends, this could really work well (as compared to Uber).
Looks like this site is down now? I'm assuming this is only in SF?