Create & share polls directly on your Snapchat Stories

We make polls creation and sharing available in Snapchat, something that's already very popular in other social apps (IG, FB, Twitter). People love sharing and answering polls, so we're sure they'll love it in Snapchat as well.
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Are you guys going to curate polls? Users might have a tough time thinking of questions to ask and answers to provide. So like current events or something would be cool.
@john_mccants Hey John. The app already lets user choose from ready-made polls so that they don't have to write one themselves. We then optimize and keep those who gain traction, and add news ones every now and then. Current events is a good idea, it needs to fit into the Snapchat atmosphere, so perhaps it will be around the most popular posts under the discovery tab, or something. Thanks for the idea :)
Great way to easily create engaging content! Looking forward to trialling this πŸ™Œ
Glad to see more tie ins with Snapchat. The app has potential, with its minimal design and seamless UI. High hopes, keep it coming Fellas. But there's something you should know though. It ain't easy finding this app in the play store. Typing "toko" in the search bar gets you an endless list of apps that aren't even related to this. Maybe it's just me, but I had to dig in a bit deeper to find this. Maybe talk to Google?
@avramnate Thanks for the commect. That's because it's fresh new and hasn't yet picked ASO (App Store Optimization) momentum yet. When there will be more searchers, installs, rating etc. it should rank up higher for keyword searches, hopefully highest.
Hi everyone & thanks @chrismessina for hunting TOKO! The team behind TOKO is a 3 year old startup with a robust chat engagement platform, maintaining tens of millions of user interactions and events each month. Some of our customers include FC Barcelona, Golden State Warriors, Shakira and others, who engage with users via cool and large scale automated chat experiences (some may call it Chatbots). Our technology enables - among other things - creating fun, beautiful and engaging polls to be shared between users, friends, and anyone in your social network. We decided to leverage the recently launched Snap API, and allow Snapchat users to create polls and share them with their friends and followers - straight on top of their Stories! They can also choose from pre-made trending polls, customize colors, their bitmoji and more. This is only the beginning, with many more features to come. Please let us know what you think in the comments, and if you like it, you know what to do 😎 Yoav & Shai
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