The messenger app for the cannabis community

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Hi PH, Im the co-founder of TokeToMe. Ill be happy to answer any questions you may have.
@chrismessina Hahah no first work then play :)
Very cool idea and design. Will definitely checkt it out and download. TokeToMe: Vader
I'm not convinced these niche community plays can get beyond novelty; smoking seems on the surface like something strangers have in common but beyond full blown potheads and maybe college kids, it's akin (IMO) to building a community/chat platform for people who like coffee. Is the fact that it is (was) illegal the motivator here? Is it really that hard to find smokers? There are endless Facebook groups and Reddit et al. Why build another destination? Is there more to it?
I'm not able to sign up - on the e-mail field my keyboard covers the submit button and there's no way to proceed :(
@murilocappucci are you using android? Try clicking enter. I assume your screen resolution is quite low. Could that be possible?