Crypto taxes made easy. TurboTax for cryptocurrency.


TokenTax is the easiest way for crypto investors to file crypto taxes & minimize their 2017 tax liability. Users signup, upload their data, & our tax minimization algo does the rest. We test all acct methods and show you FIFO and minimized. Then our acct team will ensure the accuracy of your crypto tax data. All major exchanges & wallets supported!

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17 Reviews4.7/5

Easy to use and a real support person helped answer all of my complicated tax questions


Better calculations for my tax liabilities that have saved me money


They are making the product better and better every week

The FIFO or LIFO algo used by others crushes you on capital gains. Tokentax is saving me a pile. Zac is helping me wade through all the instances where cost basis is not established or naming mismatches between exchanges occur. Must use this product.




More API integrations needed

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Now we support every crypto exchange with an API or CSV connection - over 100! And even those that don't output data or OTC trades can be imported via our manual upload template