Earn crypto by holding crypto 📈📈


TokenUnion is an Ethereum-based decentralized application that cryptoeconomically incentivizes holding crypto.

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Robert Leshner
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  • Robert Leshner
    Robert LeshnerFounder @ Compound

    Very few.


    This is *similar* to a ponzi scheme, in that the only source of "income" is other users leaving, and paying a "withdrawal fee".

    I've read the whitepaper; this project is a soft clone of POWH (proof of weak hands), EthPyramid, and other Ethereum ponzi-like projects. The proposed solution provides no economic value, and may constitute fraud.

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  • Pros: 

    Powerful economic incentive model encouraging token holding


    Experimental like most new Ethereum tech

    TokenBnk provides an entirely new incentive dynamic for the future token economy. It's a fresh concept that could have large implications for how, where, and why tokens are stored and transferred in the Ethereum network.

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  • Pros: 

    Tokenbnk is a great way to store your coins and forget about them, which is great if you try to panic sell too much. I can't wait for it!


    Not really

    As anyone who's tried day trading will tell you: it's incredibly hard if you don't have bots to do it for you. Trading is an easy way to lose a ton of cash. That's why holding is wisest strategy. Tokenbnk let's you do that and hopefully return to a decent amount of interest on top to reward you for your patience. Since it's built on a smart contract I don't have to worry about the team bailing with my funds.

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  • Joe Campbell
    Joe CampbellFinancial Analyst

    Novel way to earn interest from crypto tokens. A distinct method I haven't seen anywhere else to store and earn interest from crypto.


    I can't think of any based on the whitepaper, but transaction fees could be an issue.

    Innovative approach to earning crypto.

    Incentivizes you to HODL, and as you do, you profit on the interest you earn from others who withdraw over time.

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  • Daniel Greenberg
    Daniel GreenbergMaking weird internet

    It seems new and useful!


    I am not sure.

    I am excited to see where it goes

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  • Loic Jeanjean
    Loic JeanjeanChief Growth Officer @ Fastory

    Love the concept, and they will be first to market, huge potential


    more clarity on how the tokens will be used

    Waiting to use this saving account. too bad we have to wait for at least 1 more month

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  • Pros: 

    The concept seems very good


    Bancor integration mentioned as an advantage in the white paper

    Protocols piggy backing on other protocols while none have been proven concern me

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  • Calvin Chu
    Calvin ChuBusiness Development at

    Love the concept, would love to get it!


    can't wait for this!

    Need to stop my compulsive trading

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  • Sam Borin
    Sam BorinProduct Manager, Philosopher

    Interesting concept


    Highly experimental

    Get paid to hodl? Would be nice if this removed some volatility in the alt market.

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  • Pros: 

    not sure yet.


    Not sure yet. can you make the whitepaper pdf instead of a png

    Here is my link for those of you on Product Hunt who also want some free token as a giveaway:

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