Toggl makes time tracking so simple that you'll actually use it (and get stuff done)! See where your time goes, focus on important tasks and boost your productivity. And most importantly, you can now track your time anywhere you go, on all of your devices!
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< Toggl has joined the server > Hey, hey! We've been delaying this launch for a while now (*cough* Aleks doesn't know how to organize his time *cough*), but we're finally here 😅. After some problems and overall bad time (pun intended) with our old mobile apps, we decided to do a complete makeover and make them shine once again - full redesign, rewritten from scratch and with a new set of features. Our brand new (ok, they're not that brand new anymore, we've had them on the app stores for a while now) apps are just a perfect little time tracking assistant to help you get stuff done, and they do it with some unique features: -- 📆Calendar & Toggl: this one allows you to integrate your calendar with your Toggl account, allowing you to quickly add your calendar events as time entries (plus tracking reminders as the event is about to start!) -- 📊Reports: see how you spend your time and break down your projects & tasks (+ a lot of charts!) // ok, this one isn't that unique since you have it on our Web App, but it's still cool -- 🤔Suggestions: get suggestions as you track your time and quickly start tracking your time - no more unnecessary typing! -- 🔄Sync: need to switch between computer often? No worries, our apps are fully synced with your Toggl account and all of your devices - track your time wherever you go! -- 💫Free: and it's completely free, along with all of the features - yep, Syncing, Reports, Calendar Integration + a lot of other stuff, completely free - and on top of that, no ads whatsoever! There's more, but this is already a bit too long 🙂Have any questions? Shoot - we'll be here all day. 🙌

I can't imagine my daily workflow without Toggl, it's been a huge asset in tracking different projects and tasks. Great UI/UX, really intuitive to use (and the Siri integration is one of my favorite features) .


Simple, fast, intuitive.


Can't think of any.