Plain Text task management on iOS, based on Todo.txt

Todotxt+ is a task manager for iOS, that uses just Plain Text to store tasks. Because it is based on the format, it is possible to categorise and annotate tasks with just a few simple rules. And because it's all just Plain Text, there're no external dependencies - any text editor in the world can help you manage tasks.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

I'll be using this app as my personal todo manager going forward, as long as I can figure out adding contexts and projects. I'll use this for my personal tasks, and will use Trello for team tasks and to add more detail. I'll look at how to automatically add my tasks to Trello.


I love the simple and easy approach of Todo.txt, and this app has a great interface that makes it even easier


I found it hard to figure out how to add projects and contexts, and couldn't reference those projects or contexts in my todos until I added.

Congrats for the launch! Do you plan to release a version for mac os too ?
@speedyroby thanks! Yes, I do. Given Apple's sandbox rules about accessing the file system, releasing on the App Store might not be possible though, so I just need to figure those things out.
Looks good! Will try it right now! Tnx for making ๐Ÿ˜„
Nice UI! But, I can't figure out how to make a project or context ...
@joshzandman Ah, you can't make one directly for now. They'll be picked up whenever you save a task.
Very nice UI! Been using constantly since I saw it here. However, it's crashing since the OS11 update whenever you check off or delete an item. Help!
@ann_poulos Thanks, will check and submit a fix hopefully soon!
@arvindhsukumar Thanks for the quick response & fix!