Todoist Foundations

A faster and more intuitive way to get things done ✨

#1 Product of the DayOctober 23, 2019
Todoist Foundations is the fastest, most intuitive, most reliable Todoist yet. ✨
Stay organized with new features like Sections and Task View; Save time with improved Quick Add and Completed Tasks; And enjoy a snappier UX thanks to under-the-hood updates.
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Hi Product Hunters 👋 Over the last two years, the Todoist team has been meticulously rebuilding Todoist’s foundation to help people get things done in a faster, more intuitive, and more reliable way. And it’s finally time to share this new chapter with everyone. Announcing Todoist Foundations. 🎉 Todoist Foundations is an inside-and-out update that introduces useful new features and adds polish to the ones you already use every day. * Divide and conquer your projects with new Sections. * See everything about your task at a glance with Task View. * Keep track of the little things with the Sub-tasks View. * Add tasks more easily with the redesigned Quick Add for mobile. * Easily add tasks wherever you need them with the Dynamic Add Button for iOS (Android coming soon). Todoist Foundations also introduce vital under-the-hood updates that make for the fastest, most reliable Todoist yet – and lay the groundwork for the more powerful features coming next, like Boards and Upcoming View. This update will be rolling out over the next 24 hours to every platform. Keep a lookout for it!
@amix3k Congratulations! I'm using Todoist over the past two years and really happy with it
@amix3k I must say that this update is—so far, for myself—a really nice one. I've found all of the features by simply checking for them myself and I am very impressed with how you have not only handled the user experience but also how everything is documented. Sweet. Thanks!
@amix3k Psyched for this update! I was switching to do apps every month before finding ToDoist. Been a happy ToDoist user for the last 6 months 😀.
@amix3k loved finding this app, I especially like the clean design! Can't wait to try it more. As a lover of product management, I'm curious about how you could measure the success of Todoist as you introduce new feature offerings (aside from adoption numbers.) Do you track how often people use the app in a time window or after signup? I wonder whether there is a way to measure as a northstar how successful people are in completing projects with the help of Todoist and designing features with that in mind.
@amix3k Foundations update is fantastic. I only hope you'll bring a Calendar implementation so we can stick to using Todoist, rather than checking our calendar for slots.
Todoist is amazing !
@mikedane7 Thank you 🙏
It's no exaggeration that Todoist (along with Getting Things Done) changed my life. It's allowed me to focus on the things that matter in each moment and feel peaceful about my to-do list. This update looks and feels great. I'm particularly looking forward to using sections to reduce my need for nested projects! Great job @amix3k and the Doist team 🙌
@sgoudie Thanks, Sam! Hearing stories like these are a massive motivation for us. I should not take much credit on this as the team did most of the heavy lifting.
Having used Todoist for the past five(?) years and closing in on getting to Enlightened (hate that gamification is working on me :P), I already love the new sections! Day 1, and I have already seen how much more effective I can use Todoist to note down actions, question and decisions (all sections) right there and then in a meeting for one of my projects. Alongside Comments, I hope to no longer use onenote/evernote anymore for MoM at work. So I guess the next ask would then be to have an easy way to export the comments in a nice format to Outlook or similar so I can send it to my meeting attendees. Seeing how powerful sections is, I would like to have a feature where I can add a section to specific projects at once - as the examples above is relevant across all my work-related projects. I guess that I now have to manually create them within each project. Also enjoy the visual colors of the favorite menu, great little detail improvement. Thanks!
@epilskog Great to hear, and I'll share the workflow feedback with the team 👍
I've been using Todoist for many years now and this makes it even better! The new illustrations and marketing pages on the website are also awesome, congrats to all the team 👏