ToDoBot for Chrome

A shared to-do list for Chrome and Slack

ToDoBot Chrome extension helps you maintain a shared list of tasks that is synced between Slack and any cloud app in your browser. Turn anything into a to-do, quickly share with your team, complete task anywhere you like.
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6 Reviews5.0/5
This is awesome! It's really easy and quick to use. Perfectly fits into my workflow and saves precious time.
We love ToDoBot at Touchbase and we're excited to see there's now a Chrome extension. Great job @maxim_leonovich and @fan_andy!
Thank you @joetaylorland 🙌
Hey, Product Hunt crowd! Three months ago, we launched ToDoBot for Slack - a simple Slack app that allowed you to manage personal to-dos and share some of them with your teammates. We've had a tremendous success with it: almost 3000 teams signed up in 3 months and created about 30000 to-dos (that's a lot of threes, ha?) ToDoBot, since then, grew into a full-fledged task management product for your team: we've got lists, channel-level sharing, filters, integrations, and more. Today we're launching a very important new feature - ToDoBot for Chrome. A lot of us spend a significant portion of our day in Slack. Yet, a web browser with thousands of cloud apps and, especially, email is where we spend the rest. At ToDoBot, we have a simple philosophy: your task list should live where you do your work. ToDoBot for Chrome puts your tasks one click away from the rest of your tools. ➕ Create ToDos right in Chrome Create ToDos by typing them in or selecting any text on the page. 🤝 Share tasks with your team Add tasks to shared lists, post to channels, or share them with your teammates directly. 🔥 Prioritize easily Everything is always urgent; we know that. Indicate the priority by adding fire to your tasks. ✅ Complete when ready Create in Slack - complete in Chrome or vice versa. 📝 Organize tasks in lists From grocery list to Mars colonization plan - everything fits in ToDoBot. ⚠️IMPORTANT⚠️ ToDoBot for Chrome requires Slack with the regular ToDoBot already installed in it We are looking forward to hearing your feedback! ✌️
Works great so far! Will be sending it to other team members to start using as well
Been using To DO Bot within slack for a few weeks. The product and team seem very solid. They have been updating the product almost on a weekly basis, which is very cool and promising. New features are well thought out and work out of the box. Highly recommended, especially with the new chrome extension!
Thank you so much, @oscar_hernandez3 ! We'll keep working on it ;)