Comments on “To Round
Johan@bob6664569 · CEO,
I think this app may be a good lever to fight against procrastination. The big bubbles are kind of anoying, that I can't handle to keep them on screen. Suggestion: "popping" the bubbles must be so delightful when we finaly achieve to get rid of them :D
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@bob6664569 There is a psychological effect certainly ;)
Wilsar™@callmewilsar · Founder -
@bob6664569 I love the popping bubble idea. It's like a win haha.
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@callmewilsar @bob6664569 Here so are created new amazing projects 😄
Kimberly Wolfson@khw77 · KHW Marketing | CRM | Database Marketing
@bob6664569 I like the popping bubble idea too!
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@khw77 @bob6664569 received and duly noted, thank you!