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Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
According to researches, there are almost 40% of visual thinkers in the world. These people perceive information in the form of images better. That is why our team decided to create To Round, a task manager with the clear interface designed for visual thinkers. And now we are excited to introduce To Round to the visitors of ProductHunt. To Round is an easy-… See more
Tim Von Janssen@tim_von_janssen · Senior Online Marketing Manager
@anna_svirelkina Great idea and execution. Just from looking at your screenshot I felt more inclined to buy milk than ever before. I think your key to success will be to integrate with existing task management tools like Asana, Wrike, etc.. The other 60% just won't part with their traditional established tools I'm afraid.
Nick Zieber@nzieber · Community & Partnerships @whub_io
@anna_svirelkina very interesting! Can't wait to try it out.
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@tim_von_janssen @tim_von_janssen Thank you! I'm happy for you, because milk is very healthy:) We developed our apps constantly. And we have great ideas to develop our app which includes integrate too.
Mike Schetkin@mikepetersss
@nzieber Thank you, hope you will like our app!
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@nzieber thank you! Don't hesitate, go ahead!
Sona Cali@sonacali · Communication at IfT
@anna_svirelkina I really like the whole approach of it. Will definitely try it soon!
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@sonacali Great! I hope that you will not disappointed.
evan@realevanbrown · Growth, Humi
@anna_svirelkina on boarding screen was spot on.
Kimberly Wolfson@khw77 · KHW Marketing | CRM | Database Marketing
@tim_von_janssen @anna_svirelkina That's a good point. I can see this as a great home task manager. If it could integrate with it would be an option for work as well. For now, I'll try it for personal tasks.
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@khw77 @tim_von_janssen ok, thank you!
Anna Svirelkina@anna_svirelkina ·
@realevanbrown thank you!