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Thanks for submitting Index @rrhoover. I'm Patrick, co-founder of TNW and together with an amazing team we have been working on Index for the past 8 months. Index is still in closed beta and only available for Product Hunters today. We're far from finished and we'll continue pounding our keyboards to create an amazing Startup Tracking service. Let us know what you think.
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@patrick why a closed beta? looks like a more organized version of TechMeme with the ability to browse news at company level (neat). this product desperatly wants to fly like a peacock!
@virtualgoodz haha, well we're just at the beginning and we weren't ready for a lot of people yet. We're also looking for customer feedback so we have the right input for our roadmap. In closed beta that is better controlled. I hope we can open up next month though, but hey thanks to PH you have direct access today!
@rrhoover @patrick so, can I connect my PH account to the Index so the products I hunt/vote up get automatically tracked?
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@chrismessina not yet. That is a great idea though. Upvoted it for our next product meetup. Thanks!
@rrhoover @patrick Looks good Patrick! On the onboarding: I realise that picking large companies is important as there's plenty of updates from these guys, but it took me a while as I - like @RohiniVaze10 - don't like to follow them (stories are often too generic). You could potentially tweak the first step by showing large companies that your LI connections work at or have worked at, on top together with these LI connections. Will make it a bit easier/relevant to select. Looking at your target audience most users will prob have connections at large tech companies, no? You could also create a category filter. I must have clicked 10 times to reveal new companies to find the ones in the messaging space I'd like to follow. Anyway, long story. Great job on the product. TNWI looks like something I could use to track my industry! EDIT: and that's a damn fine follow animation! Really nice touch :D
Hey, @patrick! It's interesting to see The Next Web expand to product, beyond it's editorial roots. How does this compare to Mattermark, Crunchbase, Datafox, and similar startup/market tracking platforms?
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@rrhoover This is something we wanted to develop for a long time. We're turning content into data and with that our editorial team can make better decisions on what to write, who to write about and when to write. We've gone one step further though as this info is open to everybody, so we're seeing lots of journalists from across the globe asking for access to get story ideas, background info on startups. Index is a product that helps you finding the stories and companies in your industry, in that sense it has a different purpose and audience than the products you mention (which are all great tools by the way that have their own purpose). You mentioned in today's newsletter that there are 100 products being hunted on a daily basis. That is massive! We (the people) need tools to stay on track of what is going on, Index is aiming to solve that problem. You hunt it on PH, and track it on Index :)
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@patrick When you mention integrating media, are you talking specifically about TNW-specific content or content from sources across the Web?
@hughjones77 Not just from TNW, we already show Techcrunch, The Verge, Business Insider, Re/code, Mashable and Also some local media companies (in their own language). We'll add more top tech media outlets (which one would you like to see?)
This is way better that linkedin feed. linkedin feed is filled with junk these days.
This is great, but it seems like it would be much more useful for me if I could make separate "lists" to categorize different companies. e.g. a list for Competitors, a list for companies in a certain Geo I'm interested in, etc.
@philfreo Yes great suggestion. This is a beta and we have a roadmap :) so yes this is on it. Thanks.
Really well done. MUCH better than Linkedin newsfeed in every way. starting by design and readability. Would be great if onboarding was presenting a search engine with auto complete to add my top of mind startups i want to follow
@ourielohayon thanks. Good idea, not sure how we could implement it but I'll bring it up in the product meetup.