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#1 Product of the DayNovember 09, 2016




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Avishay OvadiaMaker@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
Hey Product Hunters! Gotta admit, a bit star struck to be launching here. I'm a huge fan of this amazing platform and community. I'm Avishay, Co-Founder and CEO of Tline. I'm 28 years old so I'm learning as I go along but this journey started like most startups with a pain point. I read a lot. And when I would read news articles on the web, I'd always find myself frustrated that I lack context. I mean, I'm reading about how Snapchat is going to IPO but I don't have the history of the company. I read that Product Hunt is working on something new and secretive but I don't know what led up to this point. I needed a timeline. So I built it! So how did Slack start? Want to see the timeline of Snapchat? Twitter? Facebook? Airbnb? Wework? How about Product hunt itself?? We created this page for you to see what Tline is all about. We think you are going to love it! Tline lets you build a timeline from any content easily and beautifully. Whether you are just someone reading something on the web or you are writing about a company (Tline for example. Ahem ahem) on your blog, now you can add an engaging timeline for the story that will add the context the reader needs. We are so freakin excited to be finally launching this thing and I would love to hear your thoughts on the idea and our execution of it. I mean it. Please send me feedback. We can't wait to see what you can do with Tline. Create a timeline and explore the platform here: Oh, and another part of this crazy journey, Tline was just selected LAST week for SCALE - as one of the top-60 promising startups "Fastest Growing Companies in Tech" by The Next Web! So jump by to say hi if you're there :) Thanks for everything you do. This community rocks!
Alex Pinter@lxpinta · Austrian, Co-Founder/CEO @inscouts
@avishayovadia great approach - what is your business model?
Avishay OvadiaMaker@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
@lxpinta thanks! We're currently speaking with a few large international publishers in order to start embedding interactive timelines in news articles. We will have sponsored timelines and split the revenue with the publishers.
Eli Luzac@hayush · TagDox CEO
@avishayovadia great to have the examples all there - makes the benefit of the product immediately visible. This as opposed to all the other solutions out that force you spend lots of time digging - good luck!
Alex Pinter@lxpinta · Austrian, Co-Founder/CEO @inscouts
@avishayovadia makes sense, yes!
Avishay OvadiaMaker@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
@hayush Thanks! Excited to see what timelines you Hunters will create ;)
Ben Tossell@bentossell · newCo
Would love to see this concept for products too... and have comments around certain milestones too. Like a Change-log
Avishay OvadiaMaker@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
@bentossell Thanks, Very interesting suggestion!
Giuliano Ambrosio@juliusdesign · Creative Strategist @AQuest
Great idea and good execution 👍🏻 Good luck!
Uri Eliabayev@urieli17 · Foundr, AutoHash
Truly amazing product - love the concept, the design and the UX. I'm definitely going to use it in my articles :)
Avishay OvadiaMaker@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
@urieli17 Thanks for the feedback! We really appreciate feedback like that from a serious publisher like yourself. If you have any questions or need assistance, let us know and we'd be happy to help!
Hillel Fuld@hilzfuld · Blogger/Vlogger, Co-Founder @ZCastApp
@AvishayOvadia Tell me about the team that built this because I know you and I've known about the concept for a while but the execution is wow.
Avishay OvadiaMaker@avishayovadia · Co-Founder & CEO - Saga
@hilzfuld Thanks for asking! Our team is amazing: @amitaymolko - our awesome CTO, who is extremely passionate about getting things done...right; @reuvenkarasik - our 16 year old Front-End ninja; and our co-founder and investor @beninjlm who has been at our side during this exciting journey. We have additional innovative products under our belts, so stay tuned for more from the @Tline_io team!
Hillel Fuld@hilzfuld · Blogger/Vlogger, Co-Founder @ZCastApp