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#2 Product of the DayDecember 10, 2017

A mobile app for keeping a pulse of what's happening in the 🌎 through your friends' commentary. Send and receive articles alongside 120 character comments (tl;drs). Save articles to read during your commute 🚍 or on the toilet 🚽 or read the gists from your lock screen--no need to open the app.

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1 Review5.0/5
Creative application of force touch to read an article without having to unlock and open the app. What's next on the roadmap, @brandonhill?
@rrhoover Thank you! We're thinking our next tasks, are a) better in-app education about how things work, b) making it easier for people to filter the news they care about from their friends and b) make it easier for you to respond to people who send you tldrs. What do you think were the most confusing or lacking parts of the app @rrhoover?
@brandonhill force touch is a clever gesture but not very discoverable. Although that's a limitation of the OS.
Was interested until I was greeted with a singular ‘Login with Facebook’ button.
@kevinsuttle Thanks for sharing. What did you want/what did you expect the experience to be?
@brandonhill To be able to sign up with email, and at least see what the product can do first-hand.
@brandonhill @kevinsuttle Twitter or Gmail would be worth consideration, my hope is that products like this move people away from Facebook, so linking it to FB almost feels counterintuitive.
Hey PH, Brandon from TLDR here! My team and I are recent college grads and have been frustrated the past several months that there’s no quality place to go online to have a discussion about real issues—like immigration, tech news, misogyny in media, etc. TLDR is our second product attempt at making something that works for us. TLDR (short for “too long, don’t read”) is an instant, easy way to keep a finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the 🌍 through what your friends are reading in the news. Here’s what it’s about: ✏️ Instantly and easily share a news article (or any URL really) to friends from Safari or within the app ✏️ Write a 120 character comment or summary about the link so people can get the gist quickly ✏️ Save articles your friends send you for reading later while you’re on the go or just chilling out Why TLDR? ✊🏾 Better than sharing articles on Twitter or Facebook because it’s clutter-free and troll-free ✊🏾 Better than GroupMe or iMessage because you can easily keep track of the links that you’ve sent and received ✊🏾 Better than Pocket because, let’s be honest, no one goes back to read their Pocket articles Thanks for reading and we’d love your support! Product is very very early, but if you’re not embarrassed by the first thing you launch you launched too late. I’m around to answer questions and would appreciate any feedback 🙏🏾
really like the idea - might be nice to add category icons when sharing (politics, entertainment, sports, etc) and also a tone emoji (angry, funny, etc) - again, if it’s people you know, then such visual annotations might be quite useful
@passingnotes Nice suggestions! What impact would categories and tone emojis have for you?
Quite an useful app @brandonhill Keep up the good work!