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Howdy, Product Hunt! I have been building up tl;drMarketing for a while, it has come from a newsletter only format to a curated daily feed for digital marketing news. The Idea πŸ’‘ Every weekday you get an email from me with the latest updates covering organic, paid, social and other digital marketing topics that are important. The Why ❓ You know how you got to a recipe site and you get a 2000-word backstory on grannies fruit cake before you get to the ingredients and instructions on how to make the damn thing. On a marketing site, you replace that with a few optin popups, push notification requests, an invitation to a join a webinar, etc. We cut βœ‚ all that out πŸ—‘οΈ. What you get is a highly curated Newsletter with summaries from the best sources and a link to them. >> It saves you time and helps keep you up to date. << Along with the news you also get a: 01. A Job board 02. An Actionable SEO Tactics Archive πŸ’• to know what you all think I can do it improve it. Regards, The tl;drMarketing Team ( a.k.a me )
@saijogeorge Nice newsletter! What do you think when AI will be able to do such kind of curation, will it ever be? It is so much needed for other topics as well, not only for marketing.
@serglotz probably will happen at some point. But that is a problem for future me. πŸ˜‰
@saijogeorge Amazing resource πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ Well done bro!!
@damirkotoric thanks Damir, means a lot coming from you brother.
This is by far the best digital marketing newsletter out there! No fluff, no BS, just the good stuff. Keep up the great work @saijogeorge
@davidpagotto Hi David how are you going mate, thanks a lot for the recommendation :)
I love this newsletter. Thank you for doing all the hard work to bring us up to date marketing news Saijo. You’re an unsung hero πŸ˜ƒ
@suganthanmn awww thanks mate ... I won’t complain if you decide to sing 😜
This is one of my favorite newsletters :)
@tejas_rane thanks Tejas , appreciate the support.
Love it - but I scrolled 2 days content down to finally see the subscribe button, was it placed on purpose?
@quincylun Same here. That subscribe button should be front & center! As a marketer, had I not been intrigued by the lack of a button, I would have given up looking well before I found it.
@quincylun Hi mate, it was to be after day one but looks like the job slot took that (that was my bad ) will be fixing that soon. I will be experimenting with exit intent as well but haven't had the time to get on it yet.
@quincylun @benjamin_nau I did consider adding the subscribe option before the content but it just didn't feel right for this project. Will be testing it at some point but it will very likely be after day one for the time being.