TK Checker

A WP plugin for writers. Auto to-do lists for your drafts!

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Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
Here's what an example post looks like when you have TK Checker running Snippets are automatically created underneath your draft You can set snippets to be any length. It can find any marker you wish - I usually use ?? or ** It will alert you if you try to publish a post with markers still remaining You can directly edit in the snippet box and that will auto-update your post.
@ChuckReynolds@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
@helenryles this should be on the site
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@ChuckReynolds @helenryles Yes, you're right! Lots more screenshots and FAQs to come.
Chikodi Chima@chikodi · Mission Control // Moonshot
This is a really helpful tool for writers! @helenryles What inspired it?
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@Chikodi @helenryles I kept seeing 'TK' in published posts quite often, where info & links were missing. It was clear that people were using the method but forgetting to replace their missing info markers.
Greg GilbertHunter@gregoiregilbert · I make products and run companies.
I second that. Very cool idea @helenryles.
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@gregoiregilbert @helenryles Thanks! Trying to make things simple/useful! :)
Justin JacksonPro@mijustin · ⚡️
Love this idea. Just purchased!
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@mijustin :D Thanks!
@ChuckReynolds@chuckreynolds · build & track websites. cofounder Vuurr
TBH IDK what TK was... I had to back search it... I'm also a horrible... nay.. non-existent writer... But... I like the TK method... and therefore this plugin may be useful. That is... if I ever get to writing anything other than tons and tons of evernote blog post idea notes/jots. Cheers
Helen RylesMaker@helenryles · Applications Support
@ChuckReynolds Yes - TK isn't too well known about. Most people invent their own. Touchtypers use QQ, some folks use angled brackets :) all will work in the plugin. Thanks for checking it out!