Tisane API

Detect hate speech, cyberbullying, and more in 27 languages


Harness the power of next-generation AI to extract more from text in 27 languages: detect hate speech, sexual harassment, cyberbullying, extract topics, and find not just whether, but also why the customer is happy or unhappy with your product or service.

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David Kofoed Wind
Cheng Zuo
  • David Kofoed Wind
    David Kofoed WindCEO at peergrade.io

    Sounds really promising with multi-language support


    Doesn't work at all.

    The demo doesn't work but throws an error. Can't get the Python version to run either. The documentation is poor. There is no automatic language detection (if it worked).

    Seems like a perfect example of a great technology hidden in a really poor product package. Why not use one the API marketplaces for something like this?

    David Kofoed Wind has used this product for one day.