TipRanks Smart Portfolio

The ultimate stock tracking tool to maximize your returns

TipRanks Smart Portfolio is an innovative stock tracker app that brings TipRanks’ comprehensive data capabilities and powerful Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms into one simple platform. Users can access key data points and find fresh investment ideas all within an app that can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

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Talia Inbar
Product Manager
TipRanks app is a unique tool to manage your holdings and find new investment ideas. Which hot stocks is the market getting excited about right now? The Investment Ideas page provides exclusive investment ideas based on TipRanks’ unique market insights into financial expert activity. A friendly must-have app for every investor or for whoever wishes to become one :)
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TipRanks is a big-financial-data company that extracts insights from every article posted on financial news website . TipRanks was awarded multiple times in any possible fintech event for bringing transparency to the capital markets and leveling the playing field for individual investors.


The TipRanks app allows investors to not only track their protfolio but improve it based on crowd wisdom and research from leading experts.


too beautiful.

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Very useful for managing your stocks


Works well, easy to manage portfolio



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