Ridiculously quick tip calculator

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I don’t get tip calculators. Who can’t work out 20% of a sum in their head?
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@cenk or calculator on your phone? or ask siri...
@bentossell @cenk Indeed, when I'm sober I just do tip in my head. It's after a couple drinks that I really start doubting my math abilities. I've typically used the iOS calculator for this, but I found myself wishing it weren't so obvious that I needed a calculator to to simple algebra—especially on a date. My goal was to make something that's faster and more discreet.
@alexgorischek "when I'm sober" haha love it. It's more of a US thing with the whole tipping stuff and I always ask my teammates what's the norm everywhere. In the uk we just pay the bill and chuck in whatever
@cenk Even for a child it's easy to teach a trick: multiply the number by 2, and shift the decimal point to the left. $20*2=$40.00, move it left one for $4.
Why bother with cents? I'd go a step further and provide results that are closer to what you'd actually pay in cash. Like round the tip and/or result to denominations or integers that make sense (within certain percentage).
Well-timed with the news that we might have to tip Uber now! (http://www.theverge.com/2016/4/2...)
Sometimes you want to tip more or less than 20%, I suppose? I don't get the need for an app when there's already a calculator on the phone.
Life should be simple, free of misleading nonsense. The whole tipping culture should just die. Tax and tips should just be included in pricing. While we're at it this whole 99-cent nonsense should go away too.
@topcities Honestly, can't say I disagree. A brewery just opened near me called Optimism, and they refuse tips, which I love. Unfortunately, until tipping goes away...