Tip anybody on Twitter with Bitcoin

Tippin Browser Extension 1.0 is here πŸŽ‰
You will be able to send Bitcoin tips to Twitter users.
Signup within seconds using just your Twitter account, download the extension (Chrome and Firefox), and you can start tipping!
*Get a limited 1000s welcome gift*
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Tippin started back in December, as a personal side project to fully understand Lightning Network (a new technology being developed for Bitcoin, that allows faster and cheaper transactions, which is really interesting for micro payments). I wanted to make Bitcoin easier to use, and I thought that creating a tipping service linked to Twitter accounts would be a nice real use case for micro payments. At first, you needed to share your Tippin link manually in order to be tipped. You could also place a button on your web to receive tips, but it was still hard to use. In February I came up with the idea of creating a browser extension that could ease this process even more: by placing a little bolt icon in every tweet that, when clicked, would open a popup with a Lightning-Network-Bitcoin address for that user. That's when everything went crazy, and even @Jack, @Biz or @Kayvz signed up; they started sending tips to each other, and thousands of new users joined Tippin within days. But it was still hard to send a tip. If you didn't have a Lightning Network enabled Bitcoin wallet on your phone, in order to scan those popups, you couldn't do anything. That's why I changed a few things on this version 1.0: - Now you can send tips from your own balance. This means that if you have received tips, you can use that to tip other users from your own account. Nothing else is needed! - Also, you can now top up your Tippin account with a simple Bitcoin transaction and start tipping right away (using your balance) - Now you get a 1000 satoshi welcome gift for signing up (a fraction of Bitcoin). It's not much, but enough to start I hope you find it as exciting as I do πŸ˜„
Tippin is the best way to onboard new users to Bitcoin, congrats Sergio! Maybe you can create a common pool where bitcoiners can donate a certain amount of sats that will get divided for each new users (so you can keep giving sats for each new subscription). Do you have a public roadmap?
@aminkasimov Thank you so much! That pool thing is an amazing idea, and something to be considered; It could really help onboard new people to Bitcoin for a longer period of time! (No public roadmap yet, but hopefully there will be one soon)
@eiprol Also if I'd like to tip someone who hasn't a Tippin account, you could generate a tweet for them and keep the sats on hold until they create an account (with an expiration date of course).
@aminkasimov That one is already being developed πŸ˜„ Thanks for such a great feedback!
Kudos! ...I have some experience building an advice / virtual tip engine on top of social platforms. It helps that a mass of users are already there but the challenge is introducing a a new daily behavior on top of what they naturally come to the platform to do. Tipping has to be more productized and institutionalized for certain tweets so that you can easily look at a tweet and know that interacting with it has some kind of tipping bounty - premium tweets. Tipping creators when you feel like it or when they feel like sharing their link doesn't create DAU. Even if you set this up as a subscription as you can do with Patreon, there has to be some system of perks that tippers can interact with on a daily basis - some action that they need to take that makes their lives better as a result of tipping. There are two approaches you can take 1) try to develop the killer app for tipping yourselves 2) offer developer tools to let the ecosystem take many swings at what could be the killer app. If you haven't already, I would definitely reach out to Nick Sullivan (@gorillamania) who knows more about crypto tipping than anyone.
I believe you should have opted for another cryptocurrency. Right now any user will end up spending more for a transaction fee rather than the tip. Are you running your own node and Lightning Network channel? I would like to see a documentation, some informations about how the bitcoins are stored and how withdrawals are processed. Best of luck with your project!
Thanks @youngorwell ! Luckily, with Lightning Network, transaction fees are almost zero, and that's the beauty of it: you can still use Bitcoin, which is the main and more adopted cryptocurrency (instead of any random new one), with low-to-none fees, and being able to send incredibly small amounts :) Tippin is running Lightning Network nodes, indeed, and accepts in/out Lightning Network transactions from/to any other Lightning Network wallet. It also accepts regular Bitcoin on-chain transaction (used for top ups), and soon, regular Bitcoin on-chain cash outs (used for bigger withdrawals).
Amazing tool to help support creators πŸ™Œ
Indeed! Thanks @lachlankirkwood