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TinySnippt is a social coding platform that promotes private communities to share code snippets and engage with other developers in a supportive environment. With built-in editor support devs can get instant feedback from their colleagues at school or work.
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Around August 2018, on my way to station after work, I shared an idea of creating a job platform that would allow anybody who wanted something (dev related) done quickly to post a job and somebody somewhere in the world would be able to pick that up and complete it to the best of her ability. If that job was accepted, monies would exchange hands and both parties would walk away satisfied. The reason why I thought this would work is when you remove all the red tape around finding the right candidate and then add monetary incentive to complete quickly, the end result would be getting a solution for a problem faster than any other freelance platforms out there. Then my colleague suggested the ability to “lock” jobs for a certain amount of time so they’d be able to complete it quicker and thus get paid. So I went back and forth in the coming days with ground work necessary to make this happen while trying to invalidate the idea. Fast forward couple months, I was still at full time my job while working on a prototype in the evenings and weekends. Alas, I made a big mistake of not taking payment into consideration. I overlooked fees - banking fees, exchange rates, transfer fees and escrow service fees. All of what I was trying to achieve would only work when the amount for even the smallest job (tiniest snippet) was at least 3x or 5x what I was hoping it would be for the platform to break even on that job. On top of that, when you send money anywhere in the world you need to verify your customer’s (platform’s user) identification. There are third party services for this. But that’s additional cost. I went back to the drawing board. A couple weeks of contacting payment services to see if there was a reliable provider who would transfer money anywhere for at least close to 2x what I had in mind, I had to give up on this idea; but not the idea of being able to share small code snippets to get instant feedback. Then one day I talked to another colleague at work the idea of the current platform - share gists and ask questions - to only people you know. How would this help? I thought there were two problems that were solved immediately - 1. You’re not likely to be worried about someone questioning your cognitive ability and your existence when you know that person. 2. You’re more likely to add people in similar spaces (work, college) or location as you are to your network. This means you don’t have to wait overnight to continue on a conversation. You’re likely to get response quicker. *** I’ll update what happened after this in weeks to come*** Fast forward to today. The platform went to public beta in June. After feedback from college students, I am now working on getting a Code Challenge feature. They wanted a “timed challenge” with multiple questions. The current version will have both and also a “answers hidden” option for creator as well as the ability to make a code challenge public to all users in the platform. The latter will not allow hidden answers, as that just does not make any sense. To anyone who read through all this, I want to thank you for your time. If you’re a dev, sql guru or play around with PowerShell scripts, I hope you give this a try. Make a suggestion and I’ll make that change for you. In couple year’s time your suggestion may impact the outcomes of many others.

I would recommend this to my friend for sure !


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I think this is quite good.

It's a nice platform for developers,coders to write code in it and share it. Everyone can reach out and I think it will benefit many coders as well.


It's like a facebook but for coders.


Well I haven't found any bugs or problems till now.

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@jenny_laurn Watch this short video to learn more. https://www.facebook.com/tinysni...