TinyBlox: Last Minute Survival is a thrilling ride that rewards skillful play, precision and quick thinking! The objective is simple—collect the Blue Blox and keep away from the Reds. And remember—the timely use of special Powers always pays off in the end!

Good luck to all, the Strip awaits!

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Looks cool! If any, what skills does your game help players develop? What keeps them interested?
@monica_georgieff Hi, Monica! Thank you for a great question! TinyBlox is all about precision, fast reflexes and quick thinking. Collecting blocks seems easy, but to do it efficiently, the player needs to make the most of the tools that are available to them. Playing TinyBlox can help players improve their eye-hand coordination and decision-making, as they need to be constantly aware of, and ready to react to, the game's ever-changing environment.
Congrats on the launch. I'm not a mobile gamer (always scared I'll get addicted and waste too much time!). Seems like an incredibly competitive space right now. How are you planning to get yourselves seen by the world? :-)
@neilcocker That's right, the market is incredibly saturated. We are relying on social media right now and Facebook/AdWords campaigns. We are also trying to perfect our product so it gets featured by Apple or Google, but that's a hard one. Something else we're going to try is reaching out to influencers, who might happen to like our game and write a review.
Looks great! Any plans on more levels or expansions?
@ivan_dimitrov Thanks, Ivan! We have lots of ideas about expanding the TinyBlox once it gets popular. There will be options to compete with friends, as well as an entirely new game which is still TinyBlox but with levels and progress.