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Simple place to write

#5 Product of the DayFebruary 13, 2015
Looooove the simplicity of this. The table of contents feature is also very very useful. And the Github-style of showing your writing statistics is rad. @feint makes the coolest web apps :)
@tzhongg thanks for submitting!
@feint Nice job on this! I've been looking for a cleaner version of DraftIn and this seems to be it. I agree with @tzhongg too, you make some cool web apps. Added this to my saved.io account :D
Just signed up and did a bit of writing in it. Really like and see getting some real use out of this to have a clean place to write and track is perfect for what I need.
This is great! I usually just write in notepad as I like having as few distractions as possible. This adds just enough functionality while still keeping things super clean and simple.