Create duration based goals on your iPhone

#1 Product of the DayJune 29, 2014
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Hey Product Hunt! I'm Joe, the designer over at Leef. Tinker just hit the App Store, and I'm super excited of the privilege to share it with all of you. If there's any questions, I'm happy to answer them here!
How did you decide to price it? I'm always curious about the gap in usage between free and .99 especially with a new product someone hasn't had a chance to use otherwise.
To be quite honest, I'm not the best with pricing and marketing. We've spent a good deal working on the app, so we figured the least we could ask for was $0.99.
@joekndy You can't really think of pricing your app based on "the least you can ask for". People aren't going feel bad for you and buy it because of that. Rather go free, get high usage, and maybe throw in some in app purchases. Get the customer hooked, then get em to pay. Cool app though! Good luck
@danieljvdm It's not to make people feel bad, that's just how we see the value as of now. There's also a sense of buying into something that creates a more dedicated user base. More people feel obligated to provide input and offer support. I'm simply playing the devil's advocate, I totally see where you're coming from. Thanks for the kind words!
@joekndy Value isn't perceived the same way from the consumer side is all I'm saying
@danieljvdm I think the $0.99 entry point allows them to keep the barrier to entry low while supporting future development. With a lower barrier to entry, they can get a good volume of feedback, refine it, then maybe add more value in the future via iAP.
@SomewhatJustin From my experience (as a consumer in this case) I'll always download the free app that's worse over the better designed 99c app
I've tried this out (albeit on the iPad, since I'm an Android user). It's a solid app. My wife has used a few of these kinds of apps in the past and I showed it to her and she really liked it. There's something about time that is really motivating, and the design here is spot on.
I love this. So many little attention to details.