Tinder for Tinders

Swipe through Tinder-for-X ideas

#4 Product of the DayMay 09, 2015
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We've reached peak Tinder. The funny thing is many of these Tinder for X ideas actually exist. Here are a bunch.
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@rrhoover I was trying to think of the least feasible ideas possible. Interesting that they're maybe almost viable.
@rrhoover @gpat_uk Well, just because it exists doesn't mean it's viable.
@rrhoover Lol - The amount of times we're heard investors call Partender: "Tinder for bottles..."
@hupfen @rrhoover agreed on that 100%. There are lots of things that exist that aren't viable.
@luisobo This Tweet will be the centre of the next Hollywood startup blockbuster.
Where can we submit proposals? Tinder for sarcastic parody apps
The stats behind this app will be gold, if it picks up pace, you'll know which ideas people like and don't :) - then build from there! good job G
@orliesaurus That's actually a great idea...
@orliesaurus @gpat_uk yeah unless people swipe left/right jokingly on your website in which case it wouldn't be accurate at all
@orliesaurus @tzhongg Wouldn't be accurate, but good gauge...
@gpat_uk @tzhongg but why would they :D you could make it social so you see what your friends swiped !
@orliesaurus i clicked on the left button for all the ideas...just to see how it works so i can easily imagine that many of us did the same thing ...
I find the trickle of 'Tinder-for-X' and 'AirBnB-for-Y' apps pretty unimaginative, so a good lampooning was in order. That said, maybe 'Tinder for electoral voting' is the future.