Tinder Boost

Skip the line for 30 minutes to get more matches

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Fantastic design as always
Great execution – per usual
I had Tinder Boost option come up on the app a few weeks ago I think. Is this now a global release or something? Why the push now? Also, how does it work if multiple people are boosting in the same area?
@bentossell We started testing Boost in Australia and the UK a few weeks ago, which is probably why you saw the release. We released globally for iOS on Friday & will start releasing Android throughout the world this week. If multiple people are boosting in the same area, we will feature both profiles. Tinder users have unique preferences in terms of location radius, age range, gender, etc. - so we're able to Boost many profiles at once. Let me know what you think. We're really proud of this release!
@jmj Ohhh I see! I was kinda hoping I wasnt given it because I was deemed 'a power user' haha. Nice. makes sense. What have the results been of profile boosts? On average how many more matches?
Design looks great. What does a Boost cost if you don't have Plus?
@sarahadowney Thanks! We are currently testing prices. We offer packages of 1, 5, and 10 and you get discounts based on the package size you purchase. An individual Boost costs anywhere from $1.99 - $4.99 depending on your location. Thanks again!
Hey @jmj, After I read a article about Tinder Boost and your results with the UK and Australia roll out, I almost shed a tear on how cool/perfect this monetization strategy is. (lol) Isn't amazing that you can write a few lines of code (ok maybe a lot lol) test something somewhere in your vast user base, find out that it improves matches by 8-10X (if I am not mistaken), provides serious value to your users and you can charge for it separately from Tinder Premium. Now all you do is roll it out, send a push notification and BOOM! you got a brand new fresh revenue stream coming in. Remarkable! So cool.
@james_osullivan Thanks! I promise you the product development process was a bit harder than that. But appreciate the note :)