Tinder for Dribbble

#4 Product of the DayNovember 25, 2014
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Woah! It is using my library (https://github.com/gajus/swing). Thats awesome. : )
Hey Product Hunters, we (me, @buttscicles & @regn) made this over the weekend, basically using the Tinder UX to browse popular Dribbble shots using their API. If you have any questions let us know!
Whoever created this. I both love you and hate you.
Hi folks, I took care of the backend on this little project, feel free to fire any questions my way too!
Ha, I love this! Great work @olegtsaplin, @regn, @buttscicles - the site is super clear and design looks wonderful. When can we expect a native app? :P
@brian_lovin We don't have any plans for that at the moment, but that's because we don't have anyone to code it up! Maybe if we find someone we will :) Glad you like it