Timing Sync

What apps do I waste time on? Like Screen Time, but for Mac.

Timing Sync shows you what apps, documents and websites you spent (wasted?) time on and helps improve your productivity. It automatically syncs across all your Macs, giving you the complete picture of how you spent your time. You can think of it as the equivalent to iOS's Screen Time, but for Mac.

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Been using Timing for over 2 years now absolutely love it. The amount of insight that automatic tracking brings is too valuable. Coupled with Focus app to block distracting websites, I have Timing show up at the end of my 'Focus sessions' to tell Timing what I've done. This then allows me to mindfully and critically look at the time I spent on my mac. Timing Sync looks quite amazing too for people with multiple macs. Only one thing I wish Timing implemented was the ability to 'act' on the collected data in some way. For example I would love to set a time limit perhaps on some app or website for the day and have Timing inform me that I've reached my daily limit for that app/website. This ability to limit apps/websites on iOS 12 boosted my productivity dramatically when it was released. Timing is awesome as it is though and I love how fast it's evolving and improving. 💜
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The only disadvantage of this application is that there is no competition. I use Timing from 1.x version. Since then, no program has been created that could replace this application.


Simply irreplaceable.


No major cons.

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Hi PH community 👋 Ever since we launched Timing 2 last year, one feature request stood out amongst all others: seeing how you spend time across all your Macs is really important to many of you! Now, with Timing Sync, this is finally possible. Instead of siloing your data to each individual Mac, Timing can now automatically sync your activities to all your Macs. Happy to answer any questions you guys might have! All the best, Daniel P.S.: For the tech freaks out there: Timing Sync is built using Swift/Vapor, gRPC, and PostgreSQL. It is hosted on Google Cloud Platform in Germany, using Kubernetes Engine and Cloud SQL.
Love it. RescueTime is a big part of my life but their UI is clunky. Do you have a way to import data from RescueTime?
@jeiting Hi Jacob! Unfortunately, RescueTime's export and API aggregate times per hour rather than keeping per-activity start and end times. So I'm afraid Timing can't import that data.
@daniel_a_a Oh ok, no worries. Still worth a test drive!