Amazon meets Airbnb for packaged trips

Timescenery is a social marketplace of trips, connecting trusted providers in one interface on a single website. Booking.com, RentalCars.com, Foursquare, Google Maps and others – in one window. Trip planning, cashbacks for bookings, recommendations of places and affiliate program for everyone.

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Many thanks to @bramk for hunting Timescenery! We are excited to present our platform to the global community for the very first time at Product Hunt! We at Timescenery are passionate travelers, fond of road trips, city hopping and other exciting ways of exploring the world around us. We believe that trip planning should be simple and fun, with trip plans presented in visual form, shareable and ready-to-book – so that anyone can easily repeat the unique experiences. Timescenery is the All-in-One Trip Planner and Marketplace of Trips. Mix and match trusted providers, such as Booking.com, RentalCars.com, Foursquare, Google Places, Wikipedia and others, in your trip plans. Book multiple travel services at once with One Button Booking. Share travel stories and make money from your own bookings and people you invite. Unleash your creativity! To celebrate this important day we’ve prepared a special offer for the Product Hunt users. Just sign up using the link https://time.sc/?code=PRODUCTHUNT – and get the maximum cashback for your first booking with us! Our team will be here the whole day, so please don’t hesitate to ask questions and comments. Your feedback will be much appreciated and will find it’s sweet spot in our future development plans, among which are Android (beta version very soon) and iOS apps, Instant Trip Generator and many other things.
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I'm also very happy to announce that we've just been selected by TechCrunch among hundreds of applicants as one of top 10 UK based start-ups to pitch at Meetup + Pitch-Off event on July 19th in London during the unbound conference. If you're going there, come to say hi! https://techcrunch.com/event-inf...
Really excited to see Timescenery featured on Product Hunt! I've followed their product from earlier days, and their one-stop user experience - as well as the hard-to-believe cash back option - are top notch. Check it out!
well done!
Hello, everyone! So happy to be here! I'm responsible for customer happiness in Timescenery. If you will have any questions during your first encounter with our platform, don't hesitate to contact me at our nicely called email: travel@time.sc! 🙂 Of course, I'm also available here and open for discussion.
Cool, how is this different from TRVL.com?
@celinehau Hi! Nearly everything is different, actually :-) TRVL allows people to create curated collections of hotels and gives cashback to them. Our platform allows everyone to plan their trips in details, including flights, hotels, car-rentals, places to visit and all the routes. Travel services can be booked with just one button anytime when you are ready and we give cashback for each booking via Timescenery with trusted providers like Booking.com, RentalCars.com... We also provide people with the ability to share their detailed trip scenarios and make money on it. If someone books your trip scenario, we share our commission with you. If someone signs up in Timescenery via your link, we share our commission each time this person books anything with us in future. Trip scenarios can be booked easily at once by just filling one single form for all the included services (2 flights, 5 hotels, 1 car rental - as an example). And if packaged tours are sold as-is, our trips scenarios are 100% flexible. Everyone can change everything from room type to hotels, from car rental groups to routes and included places to visit. You can check an example of a ready-to-book trip scenario via this link. You can try to calculate the price and see the functionality of changes and booking with one button, as well as save the trip to your plans for more detailed changes. Soon we will also introduce the automatic search for flights from your city to be added to a trip scenario. Let alone the automatic builder of a trip scenario according to your needs and wishes. https://time.sc/enarios/crete-yo...
@kirkhom cool, thanks for the detailed clarification